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Certified Installations

AQUATAN is committed to provide its customers with the highest quality geosynthetic installations available worldwide. To achieve this we subscribe to the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI).

AQUATAN is  not only a member of the IAGI but is one of only two accredited Approved Installation Contractor's in South Africa. The IAGI has built two programs:

  1. The Approved Installation Contractor (AIC) program.

  2. The Certified Welding Technician (CWT) program

The AIC program recognizes installation contractors that meet a desired level of professionalism, business practice and ethics. Approved Installation Contractors must meet requirements in the following areas: corporate history and business practices, insurance verification, safety training and professional competence and experience. Those achieving AIC status have among other requirements adhered to the following criteria:


  • 15% of their crews are Certified Welding Technicians (CWTs) - AQUATAN currently stands at 57%

  • Must have a business strategy that gets the job done right the first time – including installation experience, experienced personnel, training programs for their field and supervisory personnel, financial resources to overcome the daily challenges that routinely happen on construction sites, appropriate insurances, health and safety orientation program and a history of satisfying customers/contractors, engineers, and geosynthetic suppliers

  • Are willing to open their company to scrutiny by a third party to ensure compliance with the best industry practices.

To become a Certified Welding Technician the following is required:


  • To pass a comprehensive written theoretical exam that cover the following as a minimum, technical parameters of the welding equipment, quality control testing, welding procedures and site safety aspects.

  • Practical welding test. The welded samples are sent to a third party quality control laboratory for testing.

  • A resume for each candidate indicating that the individual have welded a total of 500 000 m2 over the past 5 years.

57% of AQUATANs welding technicians are currently certified as CWTs.


There is a lot of work involved in AIC verification but the benefits to the owners, engineers and specifiers who use AIC companies on their jobs are enormous. AIC gives the user community a tool to select experienced professionals for their geosynthetic installations. In project specifications, engineers and owners can require installation companies to have achieved current AIC status. AIC companies use current industry accepted installation practices on their projects and it raises the level of professionalism and quality of the installation on projects.

For more information on the IAGI and to verify AIC company registrations click here.

ISO 9001

TÜV Rheinland has certified Aquatan’s compliance with the Management System ISO 9001:2015 - This Certificate confirms Aquatan's functional and organisational capability to conform to specified requirements during the production and installation of its products.

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