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Landfill Cappings

After a landfill (be it a general waste landfill or hazardous waste landfill) has reached the end of its service life it is required to be closed (capped). At Aquatan we ensure that we constantly remain up to date with the latest available technology This enables us to offer considerable advice from the design stage to seeing the project through to construction of the final product. Due to this fact we have successfully capped various landfill sites, utilizing a wide variety in type and colour of our geomembranes, contributing towards a safe and unharmed environment for the surrounding communities. Capping geosynthetic materials are available in various textures and colours to blend in with the environment.

Landfill Base Liners

All Aquatan geomembranes meet or exceed the local revised SANS 1526:2015 (Thermoplastics sheeting for use as a Geomembrane) and the internationally recognized GRI GM standards and specifications. Aquatan Geomembranes are installed in accordance with the Installation Code of Practice SANS 10409:2004 (Design, Selection and Installation of Geomembranes). From single-lined general waste to multiple composite liner systems for highly hazardous waste, Aquatan has all the correct materials and knowledge to produce an effective and expertly installed solution for all shapes and sizes of landfills.

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