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ABG Leakdrain

Leakdrain drainage composite is designed for use as a leak detection layer between multiple linings within landfill and mining basal containment systems. The product comprises a single cuspated core with very high compressive strength performance. This high compressive strength, combined with high in-plane flow capacity allows the flow of leachate and other particle laden liquids without the risk of clogging, even under very high loads.

The principal application of Leakdrain is as a leak detection layer for use within the basal lining of containment systems. It is installed between the primary and secondary barrier, forming the basis of an efficient leak detection system. Any leakage through the primary liner must be intercepted by the drainage layer and then quickly and effectively directed to a collection point. The main purpose of this drainage layer is to reduce the hydrostatic head on the secondary liner thereby minimizing the risk of contaminants entering the ground water. Leakdrain will not only assist in identifying the presence of a leak, but also has sufficient capacity to collect the discharge and transport it to a collection point until the necessary repairs are made.

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