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ABG Pozidrain

Pozidrain drainage geocomposite is a wide-width pre-formed drainage and gas venting solution, providing a sustainable, environmental alternative to traditional filter stone drainage layers, and is used extensively for landfill, mining and contaminated land drainage on slopes and basal areas to remove water, liquids and gas quickly & efficiently. The unique design of Pozidrain’s drainage core allows superior liquid or gas flow in all directions, unlike traditional pipe drainage systems and many competing products. It consists of a high strength, flexible polyethylene cuspated drainage core with a non-woven geotextile filter fabric bonded onto one or either side. The geotextile filters a wide range of materials and is bonded to the core to ensure that it does not deform into the drainage channels under the load of the backfill material.


Pozidrain G geocomposite has a lattice structure core which offers superior interface friction performance on steep slopes. This has been confirmed in a series of direct shear tests which compared the performance of Pozidrain G against other conventional geocomposites.

Pozidrain is available with heavyweight, needle punched geotextile protector and offers a combination of drainage and geomembrane protection in a single product. The protection efficiency of the combined materials is enough to resist the rigours of the installation, the cell construction and the long-term loading. This reduces the hydraulic head within the structure and is proven to reduce stress on the geomembrane, as well as providing the basal lining system with protection from puncturing.

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