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Aquatan’s HI-DRAIN is a durable, heat formed, multiple-cuspated synthetic sheet, which, as a drainage layer, may be installed on its own or in conjunction with a geotextile filter/separator layer thermally bonded to one or either sides, or loosely laid over the HI-DRAIN to form a drainage core, both horizontally or vertically as the situation demands. This symbiosis makes HI-DRAIN a highly versatile drainage composite for a wide range of applications.


HI-DRAINs symmetrically cuspated form has a high resistance to crushing. The structure of the cusps resists the effects of lateral shear which may adversely affect alternative “pillar type” drainage cores. HI-DRAINs flat, reverse side and top ensures a low contact pressure and hence avoids point loads being generated which is of special importance when being placed over and between geomembrane lining systems.

HI-DRAIN can also be manufactured with perforations and geotextiles (thermally bonded) on either one or both sides of the cuspated sheet to assist with the management of groundwater and the release of gasses from underneath geomembranes.

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