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Floating Cover

A floating cover is an engineered and specially constructed flexible geomembrane barrier, designed to float on the surface of the contained liquid. A floating cover can be applied to an engineered earth dam and to open vertical-sided concrete reservoirs or steel tanks. It is a long-term storage facility and can contain a range of liquids, from drinking water to hazardous chemicals. Compared to the traditional concrete reservoir, it is an economical method of providing long-term (20-year life expectancy) storage.


Depending upon the site, rain water can be drained off the cover by gravity flow or via permanent float controlled electric power (solar power) driven pumps and discharge hoses. Internal reservoir access to inlet or outlet pipes is maintained by the installation of access hatches. Aquatan has vast experience in the installation of floating covers and uses a variety of Reinforced Flexible Polypropylene Geomembranes (RFPP) with variable lifetime warrantees, which can be provided in potable and industrial grades, depending on the application. We have successfully installed more than 80 floating covers to service various client requirements across the globe.

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