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What We Do

Aquatan supplies and installs geosynthetic materials in engineered structures to the highest quality standards.


We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive service. We branded our approach the TOTAL SOLUTION, because it encompasses all the elements necessary to work in partnership with our clients in finding the best solutions for any challenge they face. We provide more than state-of-the-art materials, systems and services because we believe in putting our clients at the centre of everything we do.


We adhere to the latest revision of the national quality standards SANS 1526 (Thermoplastics sheeting for use as a Geomembrane) and installation Code of Practice SANS 10409 (Design, selection and installation of Geomembranes).

Download our company policy statement here.


The company that we now know as Aquatan was established by Clifford Gundle as part of the Gundle Plastics Group in 1966. When he sold Gundle Plastics and the Gundle name to AECI in 1983, Gundle Linings became Aquatan. He remains chairman of the Aquatan board.


Clifford Gundle started his linings business when he invented and started manufacturing his GUNDLINE flexible membrane materials in a small factory in Doornfontein, Johannesburg. The company’s first flexible pond lining was installed in 1966 and consisted of 0.5mm stabilised polyethylene membrane.


The current MD, Piet Meyer, joined the company in August 1981 and has played a major role in its development. He continued to foster the culture of innovation and reliability for which Aquatan remains known today.


Since those early days, a very large number of lining projects have been completed in a variety of applications. As time went by, new formulations were developed to provide the most effective and durable lining material. The company realised that the secret of success lay not only in the material chosen for a particular application, but also an absolutely secure joining system that would last the life of the material. It therefore developed a wealth of expertise, gained through experience, research in its laboratories and studies in dozens of countries around the world.

Our Mission

We provide world-class engineered application solutions for liquid containment and pollution control within and beyond South Africa.


Our commitment to protecting water resources and the environment continues to underpin:

  • Cutting-edge innovations;

  • International and local support affiliations – IAGI (AIC & CWT), IGS, IWMSA & TüV Rheinland;

  • Superior products constructed with engineered materials; and

  • Our customer-centric approach for which we have become known over the last 50 years.

  • Providing mobile app technology and cloud storage, enabling our teams to capture data instantly and accurately in real time.



We are driven to build trust, personal commitment and responsibility with all our stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the regulatory authorities) to ensure continued profitability for the benefit of all.

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading specialist Geosynthetic materials supplier and installer both nationally and internationally.

Our Values

Our values direct us in all that we do:

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Respect for the environment

  • Respect for people

Our Customers

Over the last 50 years, we have professionally serviced a large customer base in the mining, municipal, industrial, waste, agricultural, aqua-culture, building and public services sectors in South Africa as well as 14 African countries, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and the Indian Ocean Islands.


Importantly, the experience and insights derived from our work remains within the company, as Aquatan has a very low staff turnover. Appropriately qualified people with a large pool of collective knowledge drive the culture of excellence within the organisation.


We are committed to protecting water resources and the environment and the core of our business plays a significant role herein. The drive behind our commitment is to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.

Leadership Team

Clifford Gundle

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Walter Meyer

Managing Director

Mike Wittmann

Financial Director


Bhongo Mvunyiswa



Gugu Phakathi



Phindile Spies


Piet Meyer


Martin Schäffner

Executive Contracts Manager

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